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Antique Glass Beaded PURSE Red FLORAL Gold Tone FRAME

Victorian antique glass beaded ladies purse.
It measures approximately 10" X 7 " Floral motif and design. Red, pink and green colors. Black background. Frame appears to be gold tone plated metal. Blue glass accents on clasp. Unmarked. Silk interior. Includes an attached mirror and small compact case cover. Very clean. Minor bead loss and wear. Overall, very good condition. Ideal for the collector.ID=BeadedPurse1

Antique Beaded Purse

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Antique Glass Beaded PURSE Silver plate FLORAL Pink Blue

Victorian antique glass beaded ladies purse.It measures approximately 10" X 7 1/2". Colorful floral motif and design. Yellow, green and pink on blue and black background. Frame appears to be silver plate. Unmarked. Silk interior. Includes an attached mirror and small compact case cover. Very clean. Minor bead loss and wear. Overall, very good condition. ID=BeadedPurse2


1920's VINTAGE Cobalt Beaded Evening Bag-Rare Find!

Multi-Color And Exquisitely Made! Call it a swinging VANITY BAG or PURSE or HANDBAG or EVENING BAG…it has room enough for a make-up compact, mirror, brush, “mad money”- (even a Cigarette Case)-with room to spare.

Its drawstrings, with beaded ends, provide a 5” wide opening which expands to 6” at its widest point , and has a 9” depth…(Roomy enough to carry a small Chihuahua!) Blue Satin lined, its full length, including 8” beaded Strap, is about 17”.The basic Color is COBALT (or BLUE) with an intricately-designed series of patterns comprised entirely of tiny glass Beads…red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, black, purple, white, and dark blue. Which is why it weighs 9 ounces! This Purse has been used, but with loving care. The only wear I noticed is very slight at the top (drawstring) edge of its satin lining.

Overall condition is excellent! No tears, missing or loose beads , scuff marks or flaws of any kind. It’s ready to USE…or become YOUR Showcase Collectible! ID=BeadedPurse3


Flapper Girl Antique Beaded Purse

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Beautiful Antique 1920s Woman's Flapper Purse

1920s era Flapper Purse in great collectable condition. It is beaded with gold tone top and chain.The width of the opening is 3" wide. The length of purse is 7" and full length from top to bottom is 12". It looks like all of the links of beads are intact. I could not find any manufacture's mark. A beautiful little purse. ID=BeadedPurse4

Antique Beaded Purce

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Large Antique Celluloid Beautiful Beaded Floral Purse

This is an antique Floral Beaded Purse with a celluloid top! It is in very good condition! This purse opens and clasps very well! Purse is about 10 ½” (down to the bottom of the dangly) and about 7 ¼” wide. There are no cracks or chips in the celluloid. All beads seems to be here and accounted for! Overall condition is very good! ID=BeadedPurse5


Large Vintage Scenic Beaded Purse - Made in Germany

Large Vintage Scenic Glass Beaded Purse - marked inside on lining tag, Germany. Same decoration on both sides. This large purse measures about 7 1/4" x 9 1/2" not counting fringe or chain strap. Clasp works nicely. I see no major damage to purse, just some very minor wear to threads near top of fringe and a few very short loose threads. Also, they are very hard to detect, but I counted about 1 dozen missing beads, there may be a few more, and one very small pull in beads and stitching near bottom corner of design area inside border. Lining is fresh, tight and secure with no tears. ID=BeadedPurse6


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Antique Vintage Beaded Purse. Lovely cobalt beads

This is an antique beaded purse that I picked up from an auction of an estate of a very old woman in Culpepper, Virginia. This reticule is covered in thousands of beads in shades of cobalt blue, pink, green, black, white, and even little dabbles of aqua. To me, the pattern looks like rain drops with a rose and leaf pattern in front of each drop. There is minimal bead loss and the only minor flaw is that the pull string is a bit tattered and uneven. One strand is just hanging on. The black lining is perfectly intact and in impeccable condition. A gorgeous addition to your collection... the blues in this beauty are completely breathtaking! ID=BeadedPurse7

Vintage Beaded Scenic Purse

I got this purse from an estate sale, it is a steal beaded purse from France. It has a lovely scene on both sides...(The same scene on both sides) The catch is a little metal button with a floral work that you push and the purse opens,(works perfectly) the frame is a stunner with beautiful metal work. It has a double row across the top. One with a twisted vine with little leaves all around the top of the purse, the second row goes across just the top looks like berries and leaves....Dangling from the center of the frame is a little charm with a rhinestone in the center with lovely work on the front and the back. The frame is the same front and back. The purse itself has a scene with a house and a sun, due to its age there is slight fading....The background is kind of a plaid of gold and silver tone beading. On the bottom are a row of dangling beads....When you open the purse there is some loose stitching by the hinges....It really is a beautiful purse for your collection...It has a good weight to it. ID=BeadedPurse8

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This is an attractive antique micro beaded purse, circa 1900. The front features a central medallion with lovely pink, red & white roses bordered by a garland of violets & leaves, all on a black glass beaded background. The back of the purse & frame are covered in a black silk-like material & the clasp is a frosted glass ball. It measures 8 3/4" long (including clasp) x 7 1/2" wide. Condition overall is very good with only a few beads missing around the outer edge & a little wear to the black fabric on the frame. The inside liner is original and has no tears or stains. ID=BeadedPurse9

Why the White Bead?

It took me some time to find out the reason to this perplexing question, and if you are a purse collector, you too may have wondered why one finds the odd and occasional white bead in an otherwise colorful purse.

Could the beader have made this colossal error, at a moment when her mind slipped from her incredibly tedious work? No, because the white bead occurs in roughly the same place on the reverse side of the purse as well, which adds more puzzlement to the mystery. Well, here is the answer. The white bead is a signature of sorts. It indicates that this purse was made for the retail market, usually a department store, in this country. Making beaded purses was a respectable way for a lady to make money, and the store would typically arrange for the few ladies who produced the bags to "sign" a purse with a single white bead in a particular quadrant, thus identifying her to the store for her due compensation, as the purse was sold. If you don't find a white bead in a beaded bag, you can assume that either the bag was made solely for the use and enjoyment of its' maker, or that the bag is from a European country, where even if the bag was made for the tourist market, there was another type of arrangement, perhaps outright purchase, between the beader and the store which sold it.

Vintage Purses: At Their Best (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
by Lynell K. Schwartz

The beautiful diversity of high-quality vintage purses is presented through a friendly and informative text and 522 beautiful color photographs. Chosen from among the leading private dealer and museum collections, these primarily nineteenth and twentieth century purses are among the finest glass-beaded metal, tapestry, embroidered, plastic, and home-crafted examples known. The book includes histories of the leading manufacturers such as Bliss, Napier, Whiting & Davis and Mandalian along with catalogs, advertising, trade, cards, and original drawings which anchor the purses in their respective periods. This book will delight all fashion enthusiasts. The price guide reflects the collectors' market today.

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