Factice Perfume Bottles

(singular is pronounced fak-TEECE)
DEFINITION: "Fake!" But to be more precise, a factice is a bottle made for the purpose of display, not for sale. It is considered to be a "dummy" instead of the real thing. Factices come in a variety of sizes from small to giant. Most collectors prefer the giant size. Factices don't have real perfume or cologne in them (with a few exceptions); usually they are filled with a solution made to resemble the real perfume. An alcohol or formaldehyde mixture is usually used. The glass itself may be of the same quality as the bottles filled with perfumes but the contents are not. Factices are advertising pieces.

They make a grand statement displayed on your vanity or anywhere that you want to add a touch of glam.

Factice Perfume Bottles

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Vintage TIFFANY Perfume Factice Display Bottle

Vintage Glass TIFFANY Perfume Display Bottle or Factice that was used for display purposes in a large department store and is in Great Condition. This bottle is full of liquid but No Perfume. This is only a display item. This would be an Awesome addition to your collection.Width 10"
Height 7"Thickness 1 3/4". ID=FT14


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Vintage Art Nouveau BOOT PERFUME bottle: 11 1/4" high in blue glass adorned with peacoks which have a remant of gold wash . The flacon is in excellent condition and has the label on the bottom which also is in very good condition. The cap which seems to be aluminium is very dirty and it will clean up but I will leave it to the the new owner. It has a very ornate B embossed on the top and has no dings or dents. Beautiful flacon for your collection. ID=FT15

Andy Warhol Perfume Factice

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RARE Andy Warhol Flowers Perfume Factice

RARE! It is Andy Warhol Flowers. If you happen to be a factice collector, you know that this is going to be a hard to find item and is a must have for any collector! It is sooo beautiful! This is from my personal collection and is in excellent condition. It measures 14 inches at the tallest point.. ID=FT16 More information about Andy Warhol..Will be shipped empty.

Lalique Perfume Factice

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Nina Ricci Lalique L'Air Du Temps
Factice Display Bottle

This is a very nice Nina Ricci Lalique Factice L'Air Du Temps Display Bottle. This bottle was used by one of the major department stores in Scottsdale, Arizona at their perfume counter. It measures 7 3/4" tall and 7 3/4" across the wingspan of the doves. Overall, it is in beautiful display condition. It does have 2 chips as noted in the last 2 pictures. The first chip is on the underside of the dove's wing (it is almost unnoticeable). The second chip is on the dove tail. It can be seen when looking at the side of the bottle, but unseen when looking from the front. The bottle is still factory sealed with gold twine and sealing cellophane. The weight of the bottle is 3 pounds. The Lalique L'Air Du Temps bottle has become the symbol of the line through grace and delicacy of its crystal bottle, a real symbol of crystal-making and perfumery know-how. ID=FT17


Glass Bottle with colored water inside. 15 inches tall. Department Store display bottle. Beautiful to decorate a guest bathroom vanity or to use as a gift. Comes in original box. Collectible factices are very rare. ID=FT17


Yellow Jeans by Versace Tin Factice. Measures 16" circumference by 12 1/4" Tall. Excellent condition. I haven't seen very many of these in the Yellow Jeans. This is a rare one. These look very lovely on a dresser and are handy for storing things in. ID=FT20



Black Jeans by Versace Tin Factice. You can see the difference between the standard size which measures 16" circumference by 12 1/4" Tall. It still hasn't arrived from my supplier so I don't have it's exact measurements but I will update the page when it arrives. Excellent condition. This is the largest and only Black Jeans I have ever seen. This is a rare one. ID=FT21




Green Jeans by Versace Tin Factice. Measures 16" circumference by 12 1/4" Tall. This one has a small ding on the bottom in the back. It is not noticeable unless you are looking for it. There is also a tiny paint scrape on the side. Not bad. I haven't seen very many of these in the Green Jeans. This is a rare one. ID=FT22



YIN (Women) & YANG (Men)by Jacques Fath was created in 1999. Bottles stand 13, 6/8” tall x 3” Diameter. These are new and in original box. These are are glass with heavy turned aluminum caps. ID=FT23



Pink Jeans by Versace Tin Factice. Measures 16" circumference by 12 1/4" Tall. Excellent condition. I haven't seen very many of these in the Pink Jeans. This is a rare one. ID=FT24

Givenchy Organza Factice perfume bottle full display

This huge Givenchy Organza Factice is nearly 20 inches tall.. It is in mint condition.. It is very beautifully etched crystal.. it looks like a woman in a flowing gown..This is a very hard to find bottle. Mint Condition. ID=FT25



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