(singular is pronounced fak-TEECE)
DEFINITION: "Fake!" But to be more precise, a factice is a bottle made for the purpose of display, not for sale. It is considered to be a "dummy" instead of the real thing. Factices come in a variety of sizes from small to giant. Most collectors prefer the giant size. Factices don't have real perfume or cologne in them (with a few exceptions); usually they are filled with a solution made to resemble the real perfume. An alcohol or formaldehyde mixture is usually used. The glass itself may be of the same quality as the bottles filled with perfumes but the contents are not. Factices are advertising pieces.

They make a grand statement displayed on your vanity or anywhere that you want to add a touch of GLAM.

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BOUCHERON - TROUBLE Factice Perfume Bottle

Trouble Factice Perfume Bottle by Boucheron. This Factice is made of plastic.

Size:8.5 x 5.5"
Price: $225.00


Krizia Uomo Giant Factice Bottle

Finely detailed dark green glass features the Krizia Uomo logo up the center front in white. Krizia Uomo, a fresh, woody and spicy men’s scent was created in 1983.

Size:12.5 x 6.75"
Code:Krizia Uomo
Price: $200.00


LE DE - Givenchy Factice Perfume Bottle 8"

LE DE - Givenchy Factice Perfume Bottle 8". This is a rare one.The fragrance is discontinued and this is the original bottle. This is solid glass and is in excellent condition.

Size: 8" x 4"
Code:LE DE Givenchy
Price: $0.00


THE BARON by Evyan Factice Perfume Bottle 8.5"

The Baron After Shaving for Gentlemen by Evyan. This apears to be full of aftershave so it has not been "refilled" to the top, This is a old one.

Size: 8.5"
Code:The Baron
Price: $350.00


L'INTERDIT - Givenchy Factice Perfume Bottle 4.5"

L'INTERDIT by Givenchy Original Bottle factice, Solid glass.

Size: 4.5"
Price: $0.00


Lucky You Factice perfume bottle by Liz Claiborne 12"

This difficult to find factice is 12 inches tall x 5 inches wide

The imbedded detail displays richly

It has a 4 leaf clover on back side that is seen through the front side
Front of the bottle says

one side says American
the other side says Favorite

Size: 12"
Code:Lucky You
Price: $0.00



Factice Perfume Bottles Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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