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Art Deco Porcelain Figural Lady Doll Perfume Bottle

Absolutely gorgeous. Flapper with perfect face, very French looking. Either
German or French. No stamp. Deep green & Pink dress. No chips, cracks, crazing.
Glass stem is missing half, otherwise perfect & magnificent. 5 1/2" ht.
Embossed 2021 underneath.




Vintage German Perfume Scent Bottle: Figural Yellow Cat

Rare German figural perfume / scent bottle in the shape of a seated cat. It is painted bright yellow, and there is a crown shaped stopper on the top of the cat; it is silver (or pewter) color with cork surrounding the part that extends down into the bottle. Cat, including crown, is approx 3 3/4 inches tall. I find one small nick at the base of the cat, on its left side, and under magnification I can see some scratches in the glaze on the back of the cat's head. The bottom of the cat is unglazed, and has the letter "K" on it. There are some pin pricks in the glaze, but they appear to be from the time it was made, because the yellow glaze covers them. I have taken photos under magnification in an attempt to show you the exact condition. This is an unusual and cute bottle, and I think you'd be very pleased with it. It displays very nicely.There is a photo of this bottle on page 175 in the book "Perfume Cologne & Scent Bottles" by Jacquelyne Y. Jones North, 3rd Edition with Revised Price Guide, published in 1999.ID=CWNTOP21


German Figural Crown Top "CRANE" Perfume Bottle Old

Wonderful, old crane or stork figural Germnay crown top scent or perfume bottle. Signed on bottom and it looks like Germany with a triangle at the end. Numbered 7659. Measures 3 3/4" tall. Handpainted and in very good condition. There is a tiny line on the left hand side..It is smooth and doesn't feel like a hairline crack but looks like one. Please see pictures. It is only noticeable if you look for it very closely.

German Crown Top Figural Perfume Bottle

This little fellow is 3 1/2 inches tall X 2 inches long. This bottle is orange, some kind of Chipmonk I think. The crown comes off and is a cork. There are no chips or cracks but there is some paint loss. It is marked on the bottom - Germany 3751. ID=CWNTOP28


Vintage German Mini Art Deco Nude Crown Top Perfume

Vintage marked German Art Deco Girl-In-The-Waves Crown Top Perfume Bottle - porcelain - no chips or mends! She stands only about 2 5/8" high and has a German Mold number - 4465 - and Germany impressed on the back. That delicate leg and extended head have survived for almost 100 years! ID=CWNTOP22


This is a vintage Googly Eye Flapper Porcelain Perfume Bottle. I do not know if it is German or not - it is not marked. It is the thinnest porcelain, but feels like it is sculpted - you can feel the protruding eyes and nose and the cheeks. It measures 1 3/4" high and 1 1/2" wide.
It has all its original paint, and the blush is still very evident in her cheeks. Just look at those eyes! The googly side glancing eyes are pale blue and black. The definition in her nostrils and painted lips is wonderful.

This figural perfume bottle is similar to one pictured in Jacquelyne Jones North's book Perfume, Cologne & Scent Bottles, 3rd Ed., Chapter 4, Figure 76.

The bottle is in excellent condition - no chips, cracks, repairs. ID=CWNTOP23


Old naughty nude German bisque perfume bottle

I recently acquired this adorable perfume bottle from a local estate sale. Condition is very nice without any chips or cracks and she still retains all her original coloring. On the back, she is incised and marked “Germany” and her length is 4 inches long. I’d guess the age to be around 1910 or so. This is was is called a "naughty" and originally it would have had a rubber squirter bulb on the top. As far as I know, none of the rubber squirters have survived because the rubber rots after 50 years or so.

German Half Doll Leg Crown Top Perfume Bottle

A rare half doll related crown top perfume scent bottle leg with original silk garter made in Germany. It is marked with numbers. Gold metal crown stopper twists open & close to sprinkle out perfume. Measures 3 1/2". No Damage.. ID=crwntpleg34



This porcelain kewpie crown top perfume bottle is marked, "Germany 31" on the bottom and is impressed with 7942 on the kewpie's backside. It stands 2 7/8" tall and is in wonderful condition, including the cork. ID=MB27



Novelty Miniature Gryphon Perfume Bottle - Germany

These whimsical German novelty perfume bottle is in the shape of Byzantine Gryphon. The bottle is made of porcelain and handpainted -- backstamped -- c. 1920's. The stopper is shaped like a small crown. Approx. 3.5" tall. No repairs or cracks. Minor chips in the paint. Great piece for any collection! ID=CRWNTOP25

Novelty Miniature Frog Perfume Bottle - Germany

These whimsical German novelty perfume bottle is in the shape of little green frog. The bottle is made of porcelain and handpainted -- backstamped -- c. 1920's. The stopper is shaped like a small crown. Approx. 2.5" tall. No repairs or cracks. Minor chips in the paint Very nice. ID=CRWNTOP26



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They look exactly like the old ones, but they do not unscrew to "sprinkle" out perfume. I don't know of any collectors who actually use the bottles and "sprinkle" out the perfume! It really doesn't matter, they just complete the look of the bottle.

The size of a stopper is determined by the size of the metal plate that rests on the opening of the bottle. Sizes are approximate:
Small 3/8"
Medium 7/16"
Large 1/2"

Vintage German Figural Signed Elephant Perfume Bottle

Vintage German Schafer & Vater Crown Top Perfume Bottle

Vintage marked German miniature Camel Crown Top Perfume Bottle in the brown wash - porcelain - no chips or mends! He has an excellent face and detail and stands only 1 3/4" high and is stamped Germany on the base. CRWNTOP 30



German Crown Top Sitzendorf Perfume Bottle

This is a rare German dresser box with a china doll and she is holding a bottle that actually is a miniature perfume bottle that will hold a tiny anount of perfume. It is marked Sitzendorf with the crown and Germany 24056. No chips or cracks or repairs.ID=CWNTOP18


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