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Unfortunately at the current time we DO NOT ship international orders.

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Personal checks are accepted. Your check must clear before your item will be shipped. Usually 10 days


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Balance due within 30 days.
No exceptions - No grace period.

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Money orders and cashiers checks are accepted. After received your item will be shipped immediately.

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Returns and Exchanges....

NO RETURNS-NO EXCHANGES: Please ask questions before purchasing. We can supply additional pictures upon request. Please take note that almost all of the items offered for sale on this site are VINTAGE! This means NOT brand new. Most items are going to show some wear, usually corresponding to it's age. Please assume that all items are pre-owned unless stated otherwise. We are not responsible for buyers remorse or if you find a similar or same item for less.

Consignment Sales.....

Although tries it's best to insure that all consignment items are as described - the buyer must realize that the items are not in's possession and the buyer will be contracting the sale through the consignment seller. At times payment is made through, but this is usually done to guarantee that you receive your item and I receive my commission. We are not responsible for any disputes with the consignment seller.

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