The International Perfume Bottle Association

German Antique Figural Perfume Bottle
Antique Perfume Bottle
German Perfume Bottle "Kewpie"

The purpose of the International Perfume Bottle Association is to provide information about all aspects of perfume and scent bottles including their uses, history, and manufacture; to promote collecting of perfume and scent bottles; and to promote fellowship among its members.

The annual membership dues of the IPBA are $45 per year. Membership includes:

  1. A quarterly full color newsletter (very professionally done) full of wonderfully informative articles about this hobby from the experts in the field.
  2. A directory with names, addresses, and phone numbers (of those who wish to give them) of all members and what they collect. A very valuable resource.
  3. Members of the IPBA hold an annual convention which includes a perfume bottle auction by Monsen & Baer, many question and answer discussions led by an expert in different categories, plus a swap meet where you may find your own personal treasures.

If you are interested in joining the IPBA, please send an e-mail message to and I will send you a membership application form. Or you may print the form by clicking this link.

To learn more, and read details about the next annual convention, visit the IPBA home page.

Links to some very good books to read about collecting perfume bottles

Antique Perfume Bottles


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