Antiques Seltzer Bottles

Imagine COLORFUL LUXURIOUS BOTTLES sitting in your favorite room of antiques, or displayed in pairs or groups on a shelf behind your bar, in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the great room, in your office or anywhere that you'd just like to feast your eyes upon beauty and nostalgia. These Antique Seltzer bottles have been used and reused thousands of times over the past 70 years. I would say they get an A+ for durability and they still look magnificent. Whether you remember having seltzer fights with friends or siblings, squirting each other while Mama yelled in the background or whether you just remember adding Fox's Ubet Syrup and making one of those delicious egg creams, they are a great collectible. Even if you don't remember any of these things this is still a wonderful bit of Americana for the collector. Some are still usable, you just need to buy the co2 cartridges.

Antique Seltzer Bottles Antique Seltzer Bottles

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Vintage Blue Glass Seltzer Bottle Allen Beverages

Vintage Dark Blue Seltzer Bottle.
Across the top of the metal lid reads: Allen Beverages.
On the middle of the bottle reads:
Allen Beverages
Bridgeport Conn.
Cont. 26 oz REG

On the bottom reads: Made in Czechoslovakia. Stands 11-1/2" tall and is 3-1/2" wide at the base. ID=seltzer3

Vintage Blue Glass Wallach Seltzer Soda Bottle


TOP VALVE DISPENSER READ, M.WALLACH N.Y. 55. Measures a bit over 11 inches tall. ID=ANTQ18

Blue Seltzer Bottle - Drink Kalb Beverages

Very nice blue seltzer bottle, BOTTLE ETECHED, Drink Kalb Beverages

This is a Seltzer Bottle from Kalb Beverages, Lakewood, NJ, Phone LA-6-2112-R. The bottle measures 11 1/4" high.
TOP VALVE DISPENSER READ, Kalb Bev. Lakewood N.J. A nice find.

Vintage Pepe's Beer Dist. Blue Seltzer Bottle

This is a vintage blue glass seltzer water bottle in nice condition. Pepe's Beer Dist. Blue Seltzer Bottle Pepe's Beer Dist.. Crest has the letters JMENF in it's five sections.
The glass tube inside is still intact. It is marked and Made in Czechoslovakia on bottom, and Pepe's Beer Dist. on the metal top. It is approx. 11 1/4in. tall.


Vintage Mid Island Bev. Serv. Beer & Soda Blue Glass Seltzer Bottle

Very Nice Blue seltzer bottle. The glass is Czechoslovakian made. Bottle is marked front etching of Mid Island Bev. Service Corp. Beer Soda Home Delivery. 26 fl oz. Matching Mid Island B.S. Corp. engraved on the cap.. ID=ANTQ8


Antique Seltzer Bottle Wrench

This is what you will need to remove the tops from your antique glass seltzer bottles. They are very hard to come by if you are hopeing to purchase one. However with a little ingenuity and work you could probably be able to duplicate the wooden holder meant to hold the bottle stationary while the wrench is placed on the ring of the top and twisted. I don't know what you could come up with to duplicate the wrench but at least these pictures should start the ideas flowing. Click the detail link to the left for more pictures. ID=ANTQ22a
Not 4 Sale

Antique Seltzer Bottle-Bridge Bottling Works-New York

Bridge Bottling Works New York clear seltzer bottle. Also etched with and A and E contents 26 oz. Good shape. ID= ANTQ23


Bell Windsor Bev. Co. Bayside N.Y.

Etched with Bell Windsor Bev. Co. Reg. Bayside N.Y. The metal head is marked Bell Windsor Bev. 53 so it is original to the bottle. Etched made in Austria on the bottom. ID= Seltzer1

Antique Seltzer Bottle-Colony Club Bottling Co. Inc.-Brooklyn,New York

A very old bottle etched Colony Club Bottling Co. Inc.-Brooklyn,New York Cont 26 oz Registered. The metal Head is marked GOLD MEDAL BOTT.W.N.Y. ID= Seltzer2

antique seltzer bottles

Green Glass Antique Seltzer Bottle

Let OldeMade Antiques pick you a seltzer bottle if you don't care about what is embossed on it. They are all in very good shape. ID=GreenSeltzer


Austria Made Etched Glass Excelsior Bottling Works Newark NJ Double Marked J.Babad New York Seltzer Bottle

Austria Made Etched Glass Excelsior Bottling Works Newark NJ on one side and J.Babad on the other. This is a rare double marked seltzer bottle. The top is orininal to the bottle and reads Excelsior Bottling Wrks. ID=Seltzer13

antique seltzer bottle

Clear Glass Antique Seltzer Bottle

Let OldeMade Antiques pick you a seltzer bottle if you don't care about what is embossed on it. They are all in very good shape. ID=ClearSeltzer

antique seltzer bottles

Green-Blue- Clear Seltzer Bottles-Set of THREE

Set of 3 seltzer bottles. 1 blue,1 green and 1 clear. All are in good condition. These make such a lovely and unique display. ID=3seltzerbottles


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