Although Sold, these beautiful antique perfume lamps have been left on for your viewing pleasure or reference.

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Vintage DEVILBISS PERFUME LAMP Dancing Naked Lady

Absolutely stunning - DE VIL BISS Perfume Lamp ... pictures just can not do this beauty justice !!! ... The camera couldn't pick up the correct color of this lamp when lit, on the top section, it's a soft blue with a white moon behind the owl in the tree. I've shown a photo of the inside of this with the white circle which represents the full moon ... the colors are painted inside the glass cylinder and the outside has the tree branches, owl and dancing naked lady all in black paint on the white glass ... extremely nice condition with no damage to either the glass or the metal, although each do show some slight signs of age (in other words, NOT brand new perfect condition) ... these lamps are from the 1920s and 1930s so you have to expect some signs of age ... uses a small 4 or 7 watt night light bulb and still has it's cup in the top as shown in the photos ... you put your favorite oils or perfume in the top cup and when the heat from the light bulb warms the fragrance, it fills the air with that scent, great for either the bathroom or bedroom ... measures 8 inches tall with approx. a 12 foot long cord with an on/off switch in the cord, this electrical cord is older and not new, but works as intended although it is always a good idea to have older electrical checked out for safety reasons ... ID=Divbslmp01



DeVilbiss Perfume Lamp

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Art Deco Nude Cameo Perfume Lamp

This beautiful perfume cameo lamp features nude silhouettes dancing among the trees. The gorgeous orange background gives it a soft glow when lit. Retains original switch, and works well. Shade has one tiny, tiny chip on the upper rim, not visible when assembled, and hard to see when not. I only mention it to be perfectly accurate. Has been rewired. Smells as good as it looks!ID=Divbslmp02


Figural Art Deco Lamp-Dancer-German

This art-deco lamp is made of a spelter featuring a dancer with white(plastic/bakelite/ivorene?) hands and face and an alabaster or marble shade over the light. It is in excellent shape. It works and has an on/off switch on the wire. There is no signature on it except for the word "Germany" on the bottom of the shade. There are no chips, cracks or holes



1930's reverse painted Fairy lamp...This was probably a perfume lamp, but am not sure..Has a hole at the top for a small cup possibly...Stands 7-1/8" tall and is three sided...The original cloth cord was bad,so I had it professionally replaced...The three panels are reverse painted with Faries on them...Was probably made for DeVilbiss,or one of the larger Perfume companies...Is matt Gold plated...Has the original pull chain Bryant Socket...This lamp would make a fabulous addition to your collection...Lamp has no damage..


Vintage DeVilbiss/Cambridge Blue Glass Perfume Lamp NICE!

DeVilbiss blue glass perfume lamp. It is generally accepted that these were made/distributed by The DeVilbiss Co., based Toledo, Ohio. The base is a silver cast filigree base that holds a Christmas Tree sized light bulb. It stands 5' tall and 4' wide. When you pour a little perfume in the recessed top of the bulbous shade and turn the light on, it heats up the liquid to give off a warm glow, and pleasant escense in the room. The original silk wrapped electric cord is still intact, and the light works. There is some shredding of the silk wrap, but the cord is still safe. Just for appearances, you might want to replace the cord at some point. The blue glass shade is in very good condition. There are a couple of tiny chips on the edge where it sits down into the holder, but they do not show when seated, and are not major. We would guess this item to be from the 1920s or 1930s. A nice addition to your collection, or a great start to new one! These perfume lamp shades were produced in the 1930's by Cambridge Glass Company and the metal bases were produced by DeVilbiss. Many DeVilbiss perfume lamps also use the same bases as were sold to the Cambridge Glass Company.ID=Divbslmp03



20's RARE DeVilbiss Perfume Lamp Dancing Nudes

This is a wonderful complete deVilbiss perfume light in excellent original condition from the 1920s. It is 7 3/4" tall . It is complete with the original box, original tag, and a little booklet on "Perfect health". It has a little metal cup that you put perfume in and the heat from the light bulb would perfume the air. It is in working condition, although the silk covered cord could use rewiring .The box is incomplete with 2 loose flaps inside. I photographed it with the little orange bulb lit in it .The glass is white on the outside with black silhouettes, while the inside is painted orange.It has a peach glow when lit. The box says "Gentle light and sweet fragrance! A truly delightful mode of escape from things mundane, into a magic garden of dreams. As practical as they are beautiful, these night lights can be used with or without perfume. They present possibilities for most charming and unusual decorative effects ,and are often so used as secondary lights. ID=Divbslmp04


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Blue Cambridge Glass Perfume Lamp

This lovely Cambridge perfume lamp stands about 5" tall. The glass shade is a beautiful robins egg blue and looks wonderful when plugged in. Perfume was originally placed in the indented well at the top of the shade The heat from the bulb warmed the perfume and filled the room with scent. The cord is original and should be replaced if it is to be used. These perfume lamp shades were produced in the 1930's by Cambridge Glass Company and the metal bases were produced by DeVilbiss. Many DeVilbiss perfume lamps also use the same bases as were sold to the Cambridge Glass Company. There is a small chip on the rim of the shade but it can't be seen once it is put in the base. The base has moderate surface wear.ID=Divbslmp05


Art Deco Panel Door Perfume Lamp Devilbiss ? Volupte ?

Art Deco Panel Door Perfume Lamp. Possibly Early Devilbiss or Volupte ? Either one or if not, this is still a great Art Deco Perfume Lamp. Complete with finial top, and removable well. 3 acid cut back amber panels. No cracks or breaks. No marking on lamp except for Pat. Apld For. which means it was made in the USA. Stands 10" tall, and is 4" wide. All original. Divbslmp06


RARE Art Deco DeVilbiss Perfume Lamp

This is by far the best of the Devilbiss Perfume Lamps. It is as colorful as the photo or maybe more so. Although this one is not for sale it is being shown for informational purposes.

Not for Sale

Art Deco Devilbiss Perfume Boudoir Lamp Fairy Faries

This little 5 3/4" tall lamp is a beauty. The painted glass is in excellent condition. Nothing broken, chipped, or cracked. No paint loss. The brass has wear as most of these old lamps do. Nothing that will affect display once it's all cleaned up. It works as you can see but the cord is original and will definately need re-wiring. This cord is in sad shape. Fairies catching moonbeams is what I call it. I don't know if it was named. The base , metal to metal, is 2 1/4" in diameter. The metal perfume well is missing. ID=artdecodevilbisslamp


DeVilbiss Art Deco Nude Chasing Butterflies PERFUME LAMP

This electric perfume lamp measures just under 7 ½” high. Made of cased glass – pale pink exterior and orange/white interior. Base, lid and perfume heating well are made of a light-weight metal with light golden brass finish.

The DeVilbiss Company is famous for their atomizers, perfume bottles and perfume lamps. Examples of other art deco nude perfume lamps produced by DeVilbiss can be found pictured on pgs. 186-187 in the book “Bedroom & Bathroom Glassware of the Depression Years” by Margaret & Kenn Whitmyer.

When this perfume lamp is lit, it radiates a bright red-orange color with the art deco nude girl chasing through a meadow, trying to catch butterflies – absolutely stunning and beautiful. Perfume would be placed in the removeable well and the heat from the lightbulb would cause the perfume aroma the fill the room.

Lamp is in near mint condition with no corrusion to the metal parts – they remain bright and shiny. There is some slight discoloration and perfume residue to the underside of the lid and inside of the perfume well from prior use. We have decided to leave it as is and will leave the decision on how best to clean up to the new owner. There is one teeny nick on the bottom inside rim of glass insert (see pic) and is not seen when set in the base. Cord does not appear to be original (although does have the old unpolarized plug), and was most likely replaced at some time by previous owner. All pieces, the base, glass insert, perfume well and lid are present and lamp works perfectly.

Not for Sale


Vintage art deco era devilbiss signed lamp. needs cord etc. Typical wear to silver areas. Pixie, ballet motif. Has inner tray for perfume to heat. Stands 7 1/2" tall.

Not for Sale
DeVilbiss Perfume Lamps Art Nouveau Art Deco Lamps Page 1 2

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