Here is a offering of some of the finest books on the subject of perfume. If you are interested in perfume you can learn about it's history and the composition of today's modern perfumes and the great legends of the past.

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Perfume Books and Fragrance Books Including Perfume Bottles and Vanity items for the collectorPerfume Books and Fragrance Books Including Perfume Bottles and Vanity items for the collector...Also Books about Antique Jewelry

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Bud Hastins Avon Collectors' Encyclopedia:

The Official Guide for Avon Bottle & Cpc Collectors (Bud Hastin's Avon and Collector's Encyclopedia, 17th ed) Avon Bottle and Value Guide.

Fragrances of the World 2005
by Michael Edwards

The world's most comprehensive annual fragrance manual. More than 3,600 fragrances for women and men. The only guide that matches women's and men's fragrances, family by family. An essential reference for retailers, perfumers, and perfume lovers. Includes: Fragrances of all major houses, artisan houses, color images, bilingual English/French.

Fabulous Fragrances: How to Select Your Perfume Wardrobe-The Women's Guide to Prestige Perfumes
by Jan Moran

Detailed descriptions of many perfumes (over 300). Good for those who want an idea of what is in their favorite perfume, those who are looking for a new one, and those, like me, who just plain enjoy reading voluptuous descriptions of fragrances (the adjectives abound!)
I recommend it.

Fabulous Fragrances II
by Jan Moran

An entertaining collection of more than 700 fragrances for women and men, Fabulous Fragrances II is the second edition in the best selling series from fragrance expert Jan Moran, with a Foreword by Bijan. Fashion columnist Mr. Blackwell states: "A fabulous fragrance is the epitome of chic and the height of elegance; nobody knows this better than Jan Moran."

Czechoslovakian Perfume Bottles and Boudoir Accessories,
by Jacquelyne Y. Jones North, Jacquelyne Jones-North, Ken Leach, Ruth Forsythe, France

This classic book has been out of print for five years, and used copies have actually sold for $200 on the Internet. Now this volume is back in print in a greatly expanded, revised edition. All pages of the original edition have been retained and more than 800 perfume bottles are shown in color. The revised edition adds new essays by three leading perfume bottle authorities. Ken Leach describes America's fascination with perfume bottles and related items (c. 1910-1950), with special attention to the role played by Hollywood. Ruth Forsythe writes about recent reproductions of Czech perfume bottles. Madeleine France provides new historical perspectives and offers a hierarchy of perfume bottle categories to aid the collector.
Accompanying these essays are 62 new photographs in spectacular color. With the addition of this new material, the book has expanded from 128 to 16 pages. An up-to-date 1999 price guide concludes the work. This book provides essential information to collectors, and is a visual delight to all lovers of beauty.

Perfume, Cologne and Scent Bottles
by Jacquelyne North, Duane A. Young

Through 1028 breath-taking color photographs and extensive research, Jacquelyne North has captured the enchantment of perfume bottles throughout the ages in a newly revised edition reflecting today's market. Beginning with the earliest available information (6th century B.C.) through our most contemporary designs, this book offers the reader heretofore unattainable information and an exquisite collection of illustrations. Many of the bottles pictured are currently available to collectors. These wonderful photographs are further enhanced by a concise history covering perfume, cologne, scent, atomizer and fan-stopper bottles from Northern Europe, American, Bohemia and Japan. Over 270 patent illustrations are presented as part of a comprehensive chapter on commercial bottles. In addition a directory of perfume makers and scents and a useful price guide are included. Special emphasis has been given to bottles by Lalique as well as those made in Czechoslovakia. Glass, porcelain and silver are some of the materials discussed in the creation of scent containers. Rounding out the book are chapters on Dime-Store novelty bottles and tips on care and presentation of scent bottles. This book is unquestionably one-of-a-kind, appealing not only to the collector but to anyone who has ever experienced the magic of what these special bottles have to offer in addition to the fragrances they contain.

Miniature Perfume Bottles (A Schiffer Book for Collectors)
by Glinda Bowman

Perfectly detailed miniature perfume bottles have always fascinated collectors. This book, packed with full-color pictures, is the first to document these miniatures. From the demure and delicate antique bottles of the last century, dramatic and striking Art Deco bottles of the 1920s, and graceful bottles of the World War II era, to today's variety, Glinda Bowman's book covers the range. The top makers are well-represented, including Lalique, Guerlain, Coty and Lentheric, with a special section of the popular bottle produced by Avon. Bowman has also compiled a fascinating history of perfume.

More Miniature Perfume Bottles
by Glinda Bowman

An extravagant array of miniature perfume bottles fills these full-color pages, pure rapture for those who love scent, beautiful glasswork, and the mystique of the truly elegant. While collectors of full-sizes perfume bottles have always found a place for a few choice "minis" on their shelves, these are a growing trend to specialize in these little beauties in their own right. From the Victorian era through the beginning of the 20th century, from the world wars through the 1990s, this book has it all! Over 600 brilliant photographs show every detail and each bottle is identified by fragrance, perfumer, size, and era. Significant glassmakers are discussed, and their works are identified. This book has bottle-by-bottle guide to current market values.

Perfume Atomizer: An Object With Atmosphere
by Tirza True Latimer

Perfume atomizers are avidly collected today. In this exquisite, color-illustrated new book, hundreds of atomizers are displayed and identified. A well-documented text, descriptive captions and over 400 color photographs demonstrate the diverse and beautiful variety of bottles and dispensers which make up the atomizer world. Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Moderne styles reflect the changing tastes of the public. Well-known designers and manufacturers, including Rene Lalique, Marcel Franck, Baccarat, St. Louis, and Bohemian glassmakers, contributed to this by-gone and ultra-feminine apparatus.

Fragrance Bottle Masterpieces
by Joanne Ball, Dorothy Hehl Torem, Joanne Dubbs Ball

This magnificent new book explores the history of the perfume bottle, from dusty fragments found in Mesopotamian ruins, through the Middle Ages and the Victorian era, to the most resplendent examples of modern glassmaking. It even includes a Lalique bottle not yet released to the public! Other major bottle designers and manufacturers are discussed-Stiegel, De Vilbliss, Baccarat, and Saint Gobain Desjonquere, to name a few-along with perfumers who were instrumental in the growth of the industry in this century, from Crown and Caron to Elizabeth Arden. In over 400 full-color photographs, this beautiful book shows the perfume containers (including miniatures, solids, advertising fans, and the gigantic display factice) that most entrance today's collectors. Includes current value guide, meticulous documentation, and glorious photographs.

A Collector's Handbook of Miniature Perfume Bottles
by Jeri Lyn Ringblum

This handbook provides hundreds of clear color photographs and fascinating stories which reveal volumes about each fragrance, far beyond the size of the bottles. These miniature bottles are popular collectibles today and this useful book contains information to satisfy the most discriminating taste. Fragrance names, their creators, launch dates, bottle and package designs and dimensions are all here, as well as a price guide in the captions to reflect today's fragrance market

Bedroom and Bathroom Glassware of the Depression Years
by Margaret Whitmyer, Kenn Whitmyer

The primary consideration of this reference is vanity and powder room container made by American glass companies during the first half of the twentieth century. The most prolific period of production was the era from the mid-1920s until the mid-1930s - a time in America's past which is often referred to as the "Great Depression."

The products of interest for most collectors - which are examined in this book - include both figural and non-figural containers for face and body powder, perfune, bath salts, soap, cold cream and lotions.

The prices in the book represent retail for mint condition pieces. Pricing has been obtained from dealer listings, flea market and show observations, trade publications and from collectors.

The Fragrance Manual
Michael Edwards & Co.
1990 English

Women’s and Men’s commercial fragrances described by note and separated by families. This manual is designed for those who sell perfume to help them predict the fragrances that customers are more likely to buy.

The Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compact Collection 1967-2001
by Roselyn Gerson
Vintage & Vogue Ladies' Compacts Identification & Value Guide: Identification & Value Guide (Vintage Ladies Compacts: Identification & Value Guide)
by Roselyn Gerson

Collector's Encyclopedia of Compacts Carry Alls & Face Powder Boxes
by Laura M. Mueller

This volume, along with volume 2, is the best place to learn about compacts and how to collect them. Gorgeous photos, all in color, covering every possible category of compact imaginable. Mueller covers compact and makeup history, from Egyptian times to the turn of the 20th century to the demise of artistically designed compacts in the 1960s. Any reader will be educated in the world of compacts after going through these two volumes. A quality guide/encyclopedia.

Many books by many authors on the subject of Carnival Glass. Here are some good ones.
Bacarrat Glass - Collectible

The Big Book of Vaseline Glass (Schiffer Book for Collectors.)
by Barrie W. Skelcher


Collectible Art Glass
Books for collecting and identifying Depression Glass

Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price List, 37th Edition (Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price List)

America's most popular price guide for collectors, dealers and appraisers. As America's passion for antiques and collectibles continues to grow, this new edition is indispensable.
Over 500 categories - Everything from ABC plates to Zane pottery is easily accessible in the 37th edition of this annual bestseller. This new edition features:

• An exclusive market report on record-setting prices of the past year.
•A new 16-page full-color insert
• More than 50,000 new items and prices—what collectors really paid at shows, sales, nationwide auctions, and on the Internet.
• More than 400 black-and-white photographs, plus hundreds of factory marks and identifying logos.

Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks : Pottery and Porcelain 1850 to Present (Kovel's Dictionary of Marks)

Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks provides the quickest and easiest way for professional and amateur collectors to identify more than 3,500 American, European, and Oriental marks. The perfect companion to the Kovels' original best-seller, Kovels' Dictionary of Marks--Pottery and Porcelain: 1650 to 1850 (still in print after more than 42 years and 41 printings), Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks is the most comprehensive reference for nineteenth- and twentieth-century marks. Together, the two volumes are an indispensable guide to porcelain and pottery marks of the last four centuries.

Kovels' Know Your Antiques, Revised and Updated (Kovel's Know Your Antiques)

For every collector who wants to know how to evaluate, purchase, and care for antiques and collectibles, this revised and updated edition of Kovels' Know Your Antiques will be a valuable companion.
With more than 300 photographs and line drawings, a clear, concise text, and extensive up-to-date bibliographies, this book will help you determine if there is anything of value in the inherited belongings of Aunt May, or whether that zealously guarded Stradivarius violin is genuine or fake.

Kovels' Know Your Antiques covers everything from pottery, silver, and glass to furniture, prints, and rugs. The Kovels show how a tape measure and magnet can help prove the age of antique furniture, how to test for old silver with a fingernail, how to date cut glass and porcelain by their marks, and much more.

This book also contains a list of current price guides, publications, and collector clubs that provide additional help and information. With Kovels' Know Your Antiques, you will learn how to buy almost any antique with a shrewd eye toward present and future value.

Ralph and Terry Kovel have been described as "the unquestioned authorities in the antiques and collectibles field." They have authored more than 60 books, including the best-selling Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List. They write a nationally syndicated column for hundreds of newspapers, a monthly column for House Beautiful, and a subscription-only national newsletter, Kovels on Antiques & Collectibles. Their shows air regularly on public and cable television.

Schroeders Antiques Price Guide (Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide)

Bud Hastins Avon Collectors' Encyclopedia:

The Official Guide for Avon Bottle & Cpc Collectors (Bud Hastin's Avon and Collector's Encyclopedia, 17th ed)

Made in Czechoslovakia (Made in Czechoslovakia)
by Ruth A. Forsythe

First published in 1982, this now-classic book did much to awaken an interest in the glass and pottery made in Czechoslovakia from 1918 to 1938. Highlights include 763 items illustrated in excellent color.
The categories feature cased art glass, candy baskets, perfume bottles, puff boxes, lamps, jewelry, and novelties. In addition, there are sections on opaque, crystal, and colored transparent glass, as well as pottery, porcelain, and semi-porcelain. Included is a brief history of Czechoslovakia and a chapter illustrating 37 different trademarks. An up-to-date price guide accompanies the book.

Restoring & Collecting Antique Beaded Purses
by Evelyn Haertig

Vintage Purses: At Their Best (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
by Lynell K. Schwartz

The beautiful diversity of high-quality vintage purses is presented through a friendly and informative text and 522 beautiful color photographs. Chosen from among the leading private dealer and museum collections, these primarily nineteenth and twentieth century purses are among the finest glass-beaded metal, tapestry, embroidered, plastic, and home-crafted examples known. The book includes histories of the leading manufacturers such as Bliss, Napier, Whiting & Davis and Mandalian along with catalogs, advertising, trade, cards, and original drawings which anchor the purses in their respective periods. This book will delight all fashion enthusiasts. The price guide reflects the collectors' market today.


Vintage & Contemporary Purse Accessories: Identification & Value Guide
Author: Roselyn Gerson

; Vintage & Vogue Ladies' Compacts Identification & Value Guide: Identification & Value Guide: Ladies Compacts: Identification & Value Guide) (Hardcover)
by Roselyn Gerson "Most compact collectors at one time or another have said to me, "Roz, you must have every compact that there is..." (more)
SIPs: brushed goldtone, rouge compartments, round goldtone compact, polished goldtone, goldtone compact lid decorated (more)
CAPs: Estee Lauder, Elgin American, Richard Hudnut, Art Deco, Gaffery of Compacts (more)


Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances
by Michael Edwards

This extraordinary book covers the most impacting fragrances on both the public and the industry. From conception to development to launches, it gives a thorough history of these wonderscents.Each chapter is a specific scent, covering the designer, the fragrance creators, the bottle development and all the dirty little secrets of how they got to the top. The book thoroughly covers 45 perfumes (I think he missed a few) including greats like Chanel #5, Shalimar,Anais Anais and Angel. Mr. Edwards also gives a composition rundown, But this is a little confusing if you are not familiar with his Fragrance Manual. Required reading for any fragrance nut.

Art Nouveau, 1890-1914 by Paul Greenhalgh

Art Nouveau exploded onto the art and design scene in the early 1890s and spread rapidly throughout the Western world. This lush volume-created to accompany a major museum exhibition that opened at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, before moving to the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., in October 2000-is the most beautiful, complete, and wide-ranging study ever published on this enormously popular and influential style.

A wealth of illustrations and rare period photographs showcase masterpieces in all mediums-from Tiffany lampshades, Mucha posters, Klimt paintings, and Lalique jewelry to architecture by Victor Horta, Antoni Gaud, and Louis Sullivan. The text, by 20 leading scholars, is a timely reappraisal of a style that flourished at the turn of the last century, in a world grappling with new ideas and rapid social change. Decadent yet popular, both loved and hated, Art Nouveau gave rise to the concept of an all-encompassing "lifestyle environment"-a total work of art designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience.

This season's most scintillating art book, Art Nouveau, 1890-1914 will be unrivaled for years to come.

PAUL GREENHALGH is head of research at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Former head of art history at Camberwell College of Art, he is the author of several books and articles, and a contributor to Abrams' A Grand Design: The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum. He lives in London.

507 illustrations, 407 in full color, 496 pages, 81/4 x 93/4"

Witch's Brew: Secrets of Scents; Here, Morwyn details the history, lore, and uses of perfumes, incenses, magical sachets, potpourris, baths, and other fragrance formulas and applies them to ritual magic, healing, and perfumery. Included are formulas, spells, and rituals that take advantage of the power of scent to create magic in your daily life. Experienced Witches will enjoy this volume as a valuable addition to their occult library, as it includes a veritable encyclopedia of data on scores of perfumes and other fragrance materials. Others will find the comprehensive information which is organized for easy reference an invaluable guide for the use of scents.

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