Antique Silver Top Crystal Perfume Scent Bottle

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Antique Silver Top Crystal Perfume Scent Bottle



This is a beautiful Victorian silver metal and crystal glass perfume bottle. It is 6" tall, 2 1/2" wide.
The actual bottle is silver metal covered with an ornate raised design of flowers, shells, and decorative foliate elements. The cap is similar and, attached with chain to the cap, is a simple metal top where, uncovered, the wick comes through.

This is a true scent bottle! You open the top for the perfume to slowly permeate the room and simply cover the wick with the metal top if you've had enough scent! The bottom has a hand-etched crystal stem on a crystal pedestal base, covered with a band of ornate silver metal. The fine details all over this bottle are amazing! The bottom of this silver band is stamped but I can't read it.
The metal is probably silver plated. I didn't polish it as some people like that old tarnished look.

This bottle and the glass pedestal are in excellent condition. It has no chips or cracks and all hardware is complete!


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